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Congratulations 2020 SKYVIEW HIGH SCHOOL graduates! 

Despite significant obstacles, you have achieved the highest reward and we are beyond proud to celebrate you!  While our physical commencement ceremony is delayed due to COVID-19, we did not want to waste any time recognizing you!  Please enjoy the presentation below of our current 2020 graduates! Note that if you are a recent grad, our presentation is updated weekly so check back in a few days!


Skyview High School is an accredited tuition-free public high school serving students ages 16 to 21 who prefer a non-traditional learning environment with flexible scheduling options. We give students the choice to enroll in the session that best fits their personal schedule.

Every student works according to his or her personalized academic plan and receives individual attention and assistance from our teachers. Our teacher-directed, computer-based courses make it easier for students to focus and track their progress. By receiving immediate feedback, students become motivated to attend school every day and complete what they start.

We also help our students plan their next steps after high school, since a diploma gives them more choices for college, employment, military service, or other career options.